All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation
All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation (Registered Under the Indian Trade Unions Act,1926)
Affiliated to All India Bank Officers' Confederation
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History of AIUCBOF

Before 1964 the Officers of The United Commercial Bank Ltd. had no platform of their own to ventilate their grievances and frustrations as well as to establish their rights and privileges although workmen in the banks, since independence, could consolidate leading to their collective bargaining power for better pay scales and service conditions. Bank Officers in those days also were termed as white coloured employees and treated as privileged class. But, they were dependent on the mercy of the management and had to remain content with whatever little offered to them. They were forced to bear with all sorts of humiliation at the hands of bank management.

No voice of protest could be raised as they were not united. In reality, they were a suffocated and depressed class. Identity crisis loomed large and the Officers were wandering in a cul-de-sac.

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All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation

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